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Dr. Dierdre Fogle, Optometrist
Education and Credentials
 -Bachelor of Science, University of Wyoming 
   -Doctor of Optometry. Indiana University
   -Therapeutic pharmaceutical agent certification
Other items of note:
-Defined by the federal government as an OPTOMETRIC PHYSICIAN
-Licensed to diagnose ocular (eye) disease and related systemic
 (body) disorders
-Specialties include LASIK, children's vision, keratoconus. dry eye,
  and orthokeratology

At EYETOPIA EYECARE healthy sight is more than just seeing 20/20!
Make an annual eye exam with our qualified doctor a priority!

Our comprehensive eye services go beyond writing a prescription for vision correction in the following ways:
  • Discuss how you can optimize and protect your vision
  • Identify and address special risks to your vision longevity
  • Assist in detecting eye diseases, like glaucoma. since early diagnosis and treatment can help
    prevent future vision loss
  • Gather and consider your personal history, family health history, and lifestyle constraints in treatment decisions

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